Gediminas castle

Vilnius Upper Castle is a Gothic castle in Vilnius, the remains of which are located on the grounds of Gediminas Hill. At the foot of it was the residence of LDK Duke Vytautas the Great, now the restored Palace of the Lords. Out of respect for the founder of Vilnius, Duke Gediminas of the LDK, the castle is named after him.
The castle belongs to the Vilnius Castle Reserve. On the occasion of the centenary of the State of Lithuania, a visualization of the restoration of the Upper Castle was presented. The origin of the upper castle is told by a legend. Once, Duke Gediminas stayed in Šventaragis valley after going hunting.
After falling asleep, he had a wonderful dream – a huge iron wolf is standing on the mountain at the confluence of the Neria and Vilnia rivers and is howling as if a hundred wolves are howling. After waking up, Prince Gediminas asked his priest Lizdeikas what the dream could mean. Lizdeika prophesied that where the wolf howled, a beautiful and large city would grow, and the news about it would spread throughout the world.