Babylon Gardens

An exclusive place for photo sessions

Since early spring, you are welcome to capture the most beautiful moments of your life (wedding, christening, engagement, anniversary, professional and personal photo sessions) and moments among miniatures of the world’s most famous architectural masterpieces, impressive flower arrangements, water bodies and fountains.
Babylon Gardens not only has an exquisitely arranged environment, but also the chirping of birds, fresh air and a wonderful atmosphere that delights the heart.

Wedding photo sessions

A one-time fee of 100 € for 4 people (wedding couple and two photographers) applies to wedding photo sessions. For other guests who want to enter the Babylon Gardens area together will need to purchase tickets in a general order. We are open to your suggestions and wishes. Advance reservation is required for the wedding photo shoot.

Other photo sessions

For other photo sessions, it is enough to purchase tickets in the general order.