The Parthenon is a temple to the city goddess Athena, built in the 5th century. Ave. m. e. Acropolis of Athens. Together with other structures of the acropolis, it is a World Heritage Monument (since 1987). Construction began in 447. Ave. m. e. It was designed by architects Kalikratas and Iktins.
The primary purpose of the temple is to house the 12 m high statue of Athena Partene (Virgin) created by the sculptor Pheidijo. The construction took nine years. The temple was built as a thank you to the goddess for saving the Athenians and Greeks during the last war with the Persians.
The Parthenon is the most famous of the surviving buildings of Ancient Greece, widely considered to be the culmination of the development of the Doric order. The Parthenon is one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments.