Duration of education: 90 min

Age of participants: for children of grades 8-12

Number of participants: 10-45 childrens at a time

Price: 8 € per children

About education

The purpose of education is to provide the participant with ethnic, multicultural, historical, geographical, and biological knowledge in a creative and interesting way to meet the needs and interests of the modern child.

For today’s youth, formal knowledge in the classroom is no longer enough. Knowing of what has already been learned, curiosity and the desire to expand the horizon of knowledge dictate new forms of learning. Outbound and active learning methods give students the freedom to express their thoughts, provoke creative responses, and teach communication and cooperation. Education “Around the World in 90 Minutes” consists of theoretical and practical parts.

In the theoretical part (duration is 40 minutes), the educator welcomes the students, tells about the unconventional place of education, the Miniature Park “Gardens of Babylon”, its uniqueness, and performs a playful form of “awakening” of the participants of the education (a quick question-and-answer quiz about the wonders of the world, ethnographic elements, travelers, who have traveled the world, and their ways of traveling).

In the practical part, (duration is 50 minutes) the class is divided into two groups, which must solve the puzzles based on the studied environment, thereby consolidating knowledge. A model of traveling around the world is also being created – who would travel with whom, what they would visit, and how they would achieve their goals. At the end of the education, the representatives of both groups discuss in debates about the studied objects, exchange the most interesting facts with the aim of revealing the individuality of each student and so that they acquire the knowledge and skills they need in life.

After this education, students are able to look at the world around us with different eyes. It’s like exploring the cultures of other countries and Lithuania, geography, history, and biology lessons from a different angle.