Duration of education: 60 min

Age of participants: for children of grades 1-6

Number of participants: 10-45 childrens at a time

Price: 8 € per children

About education

The purpose of education is to acquaint schoolchildren with the history of sugar, its extraction methods, types of sugar, and possibilities of use.

In the age of information technology, there is a growing lack of knowledge about those things that accompany us every day, so the education Sugar Road – from the garden to the table will broaden a young person’s understanding of the history of the emergence of daily sugar, and will gain more experience. The educational program consists of 4 parts.

1. Beginning of education. As soon as they arrive at the unique territory of the Babylonian Gardens, the schoolchildren will be greeted by an educator who will introduce them to the history of the impressive creation of the Babylonian Gardens, located on 4 hectares, and their uniqueness.
2. The educator will travel with the children to the objects in the Gardens of Babylon in the footsteps of the emergence of sugar – from Southeast Asia to Europe. On this trip, you will learn when, where and how sugar appeared, the oldest extraction processes, what was the value of sugar, and what raw materials sugar is extracted from today. Later, with the help of multimedia, students will be introduced to how sugar is made from sugar cane and sugar beet, how the first historical lollipops were made, in the educational premises. Children will have the opportunity to get to know the types of sugar live, they will know how to distinguish it by color, volume, they will know what kind of sugar can be used for whom, what are the benefits or harm to health.
3. Practical part. Children will have a unique opportunity to pick up a sugar beet growing in the gardens of Babylon, taste its rhizome, freshly squeezed juice, get to know the features of its cultivation, and its health benefits.
4. At the end of the education, while the children sit in a circle and answer questions, the knowledge of the sugar road is confirmed, and knowledge is exchanged about products made from sugar at home and in industry.

Various methods are used during education: storytelling, discussion, demonstration, teamwork.