Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab is a chic sail-shaped hotel in Dubai, UAE. It is located on an island off Jumeirah Beach. The island is connected to the city by a bridge. It is the world’s only seven-star hotel.
This nautical-themed structure resembles a sailing ship with a 321-meter-high mast attached to a reinforced glass and Teflon sail. During the day it is dazzling white, and at night it is illuminated in all colors. When you enter the door, you can see a huge, almost 183 m high hall, where a 30.5 m high fountain gushes out every half hour.
Inside, extraordinary luxury prevails. The hotel has no rooms – only 202 apartments, the area of which is from 170 m2 to 780 m2. The interior is decorated in a contemporary style of Empire and Arabic eclecticism. Everything is decorated with Brazilian marble, silk, and the walls are covered with 22 carat gold sheets. Every architectural element of the structure is designed to surprise with luxury and splendor.