Tower bridge

Tower Bridge is a truss, suspension, lifting bridge over the Thames in London, England. The bridge was opened in 1894. June 30 Between the 65 m high towers there are 61 m. long central part. Once it is raised, the river can be used by ships.
The distance between the water surface and the upper, non-liftable, pedestrian part of the bridge is 42.5 m. The bridge is swinging. 19th century In the mid-19th century, when the population of Yst End increased significantly, it was inevitable that a new link between the two banks of the river would be built – one that would not interfere with the constant traffic on the Thames.
The bridge is special in that it was raised, which was a novelty at the time. The undercarriage was only 9 m above the water, so when it is necessary to cross the river transport, the bridge rises, and this is enough for 90 seconds. Among those washing the banks of the Thames, Tower Bridge is the only one being raised – although it is now done only a few times a week.